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Governor Shumlin spent time Saturday, March 17, 2012 with young sportsmen/woman wanting to know how to improve the hunting, trapping, fishing traditions in Vermont.  Governor Shumlin was proud of the youth for carrying on the traditions that he himself was brought up with.  The Governor explained to the group that when he started hunting, there was no hunter safety courses and he was mentored by his father.  The Governor felt that by having the hunter safety courses, that will make the youth and adults better sportsmen/woman.  He was glad to see that the young woman were taking an interest in hunting and fishing and wanted to know how to get more of of them involved. 
Governor Shumlin wanted to know if by getting the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department personnel into the schools would be a better way to educate the youth and give them a better understanding of why we hunt, fish and trap.  How the wildlife is managed and why it is important to have good habitat for the wildlife to survive.  The youth that were there thought that would be a good idea. 


Mark Scott, Director of Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife enteract with the youth on the 2nd Governor's Youth Conference held at the Barre Fish & Game Club sponsored by the Vermont Bearhound Association


Clint Gray, Vice President, Vermont Bearhound Association thanking Governor Shumlin and Director Mark Scott for taking the time to listed to our youth