We would like to give a special thanks to Chris Spooner from the Oxbow Veterinary Clinic for enabling us to sponsor another child for camp, this is a great thing he has done. You can visit his website here 

He is hound friendly so if you have the need for a vet and are near there don't be afraid to give him a call.

About Us

Get Involved


Contact us for any information on projects we may be running, you as sportsmen and women are important and should get involved. We are a very progressive club and are getting things done, and we need you to be involved to keep the hunting heritage tradition alive. Passing down the traditions to our children and grandchildren is very important, get the youth involved! Don't leave it to the next guy to get your children involved in any hunting or outdoor tradition, take a youth hunting/fishing with you. It is very rewarding to see their faces when you teach them the ethical and fun way of being sportsmen and sportswomen. BE INVOLVED, GET INVOLVED!  

Mission Statement



  1. Protect, restore, and help manage our wildlife and natural resources.
  2. Preserve our right to hunt, including hunting with hounds, fishing, trapping, and owning firearms.
  3. Promote sportsmanship, foster and encourage shooting sports, strengthen good land owner-sportsmen relationships and educate the public on issues affecting Vermont's fish and wildlife.

You are encouraged to join us to work together protecting the environment, we are true sportsmen and women in the state of Vermont. Hound hunting is the only catch and release hunting possible.

Board of Directors


The Vermont Bearhound Association was instrumental in 2008 in getting a limited edition Hunter Heritage Collector's Series for raising funds for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Departments conservation and restoration programs. Click below to meet the VBA Team.